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We live irx sl ^vorld of color 

Color fills the bright new world we live in . . . and what a 
world of difference it can make! For color indicates our 
personal tastes and temperaments, and, whether we are 
conscious of it or not, influences our moods and attitudes. 
Restful colors induce relaxation, gay colors provoke excitement, 
cool colors lower our temperature, warm tones raise it. The fresh, 
clean touch of color is the magic wand that sets the stage for a 
happier, brighter life — and it's yours to use and enjoy. 

Color is at your fingertips. It's no mystery, has no sacred formulas 
that cannot be broken to suit your personal use and build the colorful 
background you want to live in. And fresh new color is abundantly 
yours in lustrous Dutch Boy paints and finishes, for they offer you 
the easiest, the quickest, the most economical way to achieve a world 
of colorful living. 

Walls: Aztec Gold, Mission White Flat Wall Enamel 
Trim: White Satin Eggshell Enamel 

Walls: Rubens Red Flat Wall Enamel 

In rooms with a northern exposure, warm 
colors counteract the cold north light. 

Rooms with a sunny southern exposure 
can best use a cool color treatment. 

When walls of a small room are kept 
light in value, you exaggerate its size. 


noi^ dimension 

of color 

Rooms are rarely perfect in shape and 
size, but the magic of color can make 
them appear so. For color can expand 
or contract walls and ceilings, hide 
bad details or point up areas of inter- 
est, brighten up a room or calm it 
down, separate or join rooms or parts 
of rooms — as you can see from this 
series of illustrations. 

An exciting new function of color in 
the modern home is that of acting as 

To lower a ceiling, paint it a darker value 
of the wall color or a neutral shade. 

To raise a too-low ceiling, paint it in a 
lighter tone, or in white or off-white. 

Adjoining rooms, such as this living room 
and dining area, can be joined into a color- 

Spacious rooms with a great deal of fussy trim detail can be made to appear as 
handsome as this. Use darker, richer tones of color and "paint away" the detail. 

To make a long, narrow room take on 
width and size, accent the end wall. 

an integrating factor. Today we live 
in all of our house . . . eating in the den, 
relaxing in the kitchen, studying in 
the bedroom. Color plays a major role 
in merging rooms into a handsomely 
color-coordinated whole. 
A color-coordinated home is more 
pleasant, more restful to live in. Your 
family can open all the connecting 
doors and the entire house is a taste- 
fully integrated color picture. 

ful unit by utilizing a common floor color 
and harmonious color tones on wall areas. 

Color sclieming is eajs^ 

A pleasing color arrangement is nothing more 
than the combination of colors that you prefer 
and that go together best, and there's a simple 
way to go about the choosing. The color wheel 
shown here represents all basic colors, grouped 
in "cool", "warm", and intermediate tones— and 
here's the way to best combine them: 

A matching color scheme uses 
various tints, shades and muted tones 
of a single color— as, for example, 
various shades of gray. Matching 
schemes bring restful dignity to a 
room, but need never be dull and 
monotonous if combined with bright, 
clear accents. 

A harmonizing scheme uses colors 
that are closely related in a segment 
of the color wheel, as, for example, 
blues and greens and including any 
of their intermediate shades. These 
schemes are restful, too, but they can 
be as exciting and novel as your imagi- 
nation permits. 

A contrasting color scheme util- 
izes any combination of colors found 
on the color wheel in a position oppo- 
site each other, plus additional har- 
monizing colors. These schemes are 
dramatic and exciting when properly 
used, especially when one or more of 
the colors is grayed. 

When your floor covering determines wall color: 

Rug Color 

Gray Blue Brown Tan Red Green 










wonders >vitlx 

today's ne^v 

paints ! 

The magic wand that creates the bright new 
world you live in is— a paint brush! For fresh 
paint covers the largest areas, in the least time, 
at lowest cost. And, wonder of wonders, Dutch 
Boy's modern paint-blending science has taken 
the odor, the pitfalls, and most of the work out 
of painting. 

With Dutch Boy Nalplex Interior Flat Finish, 
for example, you can paint a while, stop for as 
long as you like, then resume painting without 
fear of streaks or lap marks. Nalplex and other 
Dutch Boy Interior Finishes flow so smoothly, 

are so easily applied with either brush or roller 
that you can push the furniture back and live 
in bright new rooms in no time at all. 

Dutch Boy Interior Finishes offer a wide choice 
of color, colors that are easy to combine, be- 
cause they are pre-planned for perfect color 
harmony. You'll find your favorite shades in 
"go-together" flat and semi-gloss finishes — 
ready to use on any surface in the house. Ad- 
joining rooms, or all the rooms in the house, 
can be co-ordinated to give you a truly beau- 
tiful effect with Dutch Boy products. 

Walls: Vernal Green Nalplex 

Ceiling: Ivory Nalplex 

Trim: White Satin Eggshell Enamel 

Vernal Green Satin Eggshell Enamel 

Walls: Feather Wonsover 
Cabinets: Sunfloiver Satin Eggshell 
Trim: White Satin Eggshell Enamel 

Photograph courtesy of Good Housekeeping 

^^ Walls: Sapphire Flat Wall Enamel, Off White Wonsover 

1 ** £*ft» 


Walls: Flamingo Nalplex Trim: White Satin Eggshell Enamel Cabinet Doors: Peacock Satin Finish Enamel 

Key your colors to your living 

We dress in colors becoming to us, colors that 
express our taste and personality, and that are appro- 
priate to the occasion. There's no bettej* rule to 
follow in selecting the colors for our rooms! 

So, to begin with, choose colors that are pleasing 
and flattering to you, and to your family. Choose 
colors that are a suitable background for your pos- 
sessions and for your activities as a family. In a 
room that's yours alone, be as individual or daring 
as you like, but in rooms intended for family use 
select a color that appeals to everyone. Paint work 
areas such as kitchens in colors that inspire activity; 
decorate bedrooms in warm or restful shades. Above 
all, dare to be different— for if the color effects you 
create are pleasing to you, you've chosen wisely. 

Walls: Egyptian Green Flat Wall Enamel 
Ceiling: Pale Turquoise Flat Wall Enamel 

Trim: White Satin Eggshell Enamel 

Walls: Starlight Blue Nalplex Ceiling: White Nalplex Trim: White Satin Eggshell Enamel 

Walls: Dusty Pink 
Flat Wall Enamel 

Ceiling: Suntan 

Copyright 1957 The Bride's Magazine 

Walls: Vernal Green Nalplex 

Everyone welcomes a change— and fresh, 
colorful paint can make the most drab 
room perk up, become bright and inter- 
esting again. 

That back room, for example. Imagina- 
tive use of color can transform it into an 
inviting guest bedroom. Light, sunny 
wall colors can bring the freshness of the 
outdoors right into a gray and dingy 
living room, splash a nondescript bed- 
room with the beauty of a June garden. 
Bold use of color can make your little 
entrance hall a topic of conversation, 
your dressing alcove envied by all who 
see it. 

X^aint x^e^pv^ Xiife into your rooms ! 


Walls: Suntan Nalplex 
Ceiling: White Nalplex 
Trim: Off White Satin Eggshell Enamel 

Walls: Burgundy Flat Wall Enamel 

Ceiling: Bermuda Pink Wonsover 

Trim: Oleander Pink Satin Eggshell Enamel 

^ 1 ! w 

Walls: Apricot Flat Wall Enamel Ceiling: Mission White Flat Wall Enamel 

Photograph courtesy of Good Housekeeping 




Walls: Tangerine Flat Wall Enamel 

Photograph courtesy of Good Housekeeping 

So nice to come home to! A bright and colorful home 
invites you to come in and enjoy living. Rich, warm 
tones create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. 
Cool, crisp shades have the airy freshness of the trees 
and grass outside. And, whatever the color, well- 
planned decoration is a dramatic background for the 
furniture and other possessions you love; for the activ- 
ities your family join in together. 

Dare to be daring! If your dining room is plain and 
uninspiring, try a dash of deep, rich color for a change. 
If you're tired of pastels, paint a bedroom in off-white, 
accented with flower-garden colors. When you change 
colors, you'll change your point of view! 

Walls: Rubens Red Fiat Wall Enamel 
Ceiling: White Nalplex 


Walls: Aqua Nalplex, White Nalplex 

Ceiling: White Nalplex 

Chest: White Quick-Drying Enamel 

Shutters: Aqua Satin Eggshell Enamel 
Alcove: Sunflower Satin Eggshell Enamel 

Walls: Persian Lilac Flat Wall Enamel 


Walls: Apple Blossom Nalplex Cabinets: Gray Mist Satin Eggshell Enamel Brickwork: Off White Nalple 
Table and Chairs: Baby Blue Quick-Drying Enamel 

Brighten every ds*y with color! 

Here's a sure-fire recipe for a bright and 
practical kitchen— give it spice and flavor with 
fresh paint ! A cheerful and gay kitchen helps 
to make lighter work of household chores. And, 
when you use Dutch Boy Satin Eggshell and 
Gloss Enamels, your kitchen will stay fresh 
and inviting. These modern Nalkyd Finishes 
have a hard, lustrous finish that resists soil and 
wear, wipes clean in a jiffy. 


Walls: Suntan Satin Eggshell Enamel 
Ceiling: White Satin Eggshell Enamel 

Walls and Trim: Sunflower Satin Eggshell Enamel 
Ceiling: White Satin Eggshell Enamel 

Kentile Rubber Tile Floor by Kentile, Inc. 

Walls: Wedgwood Blue Satin Finish Enamel (Equal parts Bright Navy and Off White Satin Finish Enamel) 
Lower Cabinets: Surf Green, Northern Spruce Satin Eggshell Enamel 


Walls: Apricot Satin Finish Enamel Cabinets: Aqua, Honey Beige Satin Eggshell Enamel 

^ Walls and Cabinets: Flaxen Yellow Satin Eggshell Ena 



Walls: Bermuda Pink Wonsover 

Ceiling: One part Feather, one part Off White Wonsover 

Walls: Bamboo Flat Wall Enamel 

Pain* some 

dramatic accents ! 

Every room can use a bright touch of color to en- 
liven it. Dutch Boy's crisp Quick Drying Enamels 
offer a quick and easy way to create colorful points 
of interest— and you can have fun doing it! They're 
gem-bright, these enamels, and dry quickly to a 
hard, washable finish. Can't you think of a dozen 
ways you could use them to brighten every corner? 

Chest: Jade Green Quick-Drying Enamel 
Walls: Honey Beige Nalplex 



•;:« ■ - 


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111 1 


1 wm 


* % 

Today's modern living takes place in all of the house, 
and the color that makes living brighter inside has been 
put to good use on exterior surfaces. The house that 
has been charmingly color-styled lifts the spirits of the 
entire neighborhood— but more than that, this house 
is a tribute to the personality of its owner. 

Regardless of its architectural style, jour home will 
sparkle with new personality when you count on color. 
Color can do miracles with a Victorian relic or a spank- 
ing new split-level. It can give style to a commonplace 
bungalow, and warm the severe lines of a modern home. 

Today's modern Dutch Boy Exterior Finishes are 
offered in a wide range of handsome and distinctive 
colors— ready-mixed and specially compounded for use 
over clapboard, shingle, shakes, brick, and other ex- 
terior surfaces. Their hues stay bright, wash clean in 
rain, withstand weather and sun to give your home a 
beauty that will endure. 

^Br % 

Q V 1 4) ' I 

Sidewalls: Westchester Gray or Charcoal Blue House Paint 
Trim: White Sash and Trim Colors 

Sidewalls: Green House Paint 

Trim: White Sash and Trim Colors 

Door and Shutters: Pink Coral Quick-Drying Enamel 

Use color- 

for el home 


yours ! 


Light colors tend to increase size, while 
dark tones seem to decrease areas. 

B Q B —j^ 


The skillful use of color can raise, or 
lower, the apparent height of a house. 

You can paint away excessive trim, 
using tones of the sidewall color. 

jm 'jig m m ip^ii * 

Bring a split-level down to earth with 
soft colors and a "horizontal" line. 

Color shapes a house 

Smart color-styling can change the shape, dimension and charac- 
ter of your house. It can subdue unattractive features or point up 
distinctive ones. For color is more than surface embellishment— 
it's a means of definition. 

In most cases, the sidewalls of your home should be treated as 
a single, unbroken mass of color— a color that suits you and that 
"stages" your home properly against its natural surroundings. 

Often-times, white is just right, but good color styling is not 
limited to tinted houses. Effective color accents on trim, doors, 
shutters, fences and trellises will make your white house distinc- 
tive, too! 






t^,JL l^BJim 


1 1 

1 & k -f 




Sidewalls: far// American Shake and Siding Paint 
Door and Shutters: Chinese Red Quick-Drying Enamel 
Trim: White Sash and Trim Colors 

Sidewalls: Flamingo Nalcrete 
Trim: White Sash and Trim Colors 



-* *• 






« *■■ 

r *— 

Sidewalls: Coral House Paint Shutters: Gray House Paint Trim: White Sash and Trim Color 

v Just paint — and iin^g^nsttion ! 

Color-styling is not expensive. You'll need 
the same amount of paint and time 
whether the result is good or bad. 

Color-styling with Dutch Boy Paint gives 
long life as well as personality. Whether 
it's paint for stucco, rustic siding, cinder 
block, shingles or shakes, the Dutch Boy 
label assures extra beauty, extra long 
service. That's why homeowners every- 
where are calling Dutch Boy the five year 
house paint. 

Sidewalls: Antique Copper Shake and Siding Paint 
Door and Overhang: Pink Coral Quick-Drying Enamel 
Trim: White Sash and Trim Colors 

Sidewalls: Yorktown Blue House Paint Shutters: French Blue House Paint Trim: White Sash and Trim Colors 



• t .(. 

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Ib 'JU 1 ' 



aQl i. 

Whether your home is a farm or a city apart- 
ment, you can live colorfully if you depend 
on Dutch Boy. And, no matter what surface 
needs protection, there's a quality Dutch Boy 
finish specially compounded to do the job best. 

There's a complete selection of these fine fin- 
ishes at your Dutch Boy dealers — rugged floor 
enamels that take bad weather and repeated 
traffic, rich varnish stains and oil wood stains 
to protect and beautify natural wood surfaces, 
gleaming enamels and soft, subdued whites and 
colors for both interior and exterior use, the 
just-right finishes for metal, masonry or wood 
surfaces anywhere in your home. 

Sidewalls: Shell Gray Shake and Siding Paint Floor: Tile Red Porch and Floor Enamel Door: Yorktown Blue High Lustre Enamel 


v — 

ip ymui wp' jw 1 

The ^O^SC ®y 

Color Gallery 

/ias £/ie answers to your color problems 

With the Dutch Boy Color Gallery you can select 
colors with the perfect assurance that they will combine 
in complete harmony. You see, the Color Gallery 
pre-plans distinctive and charming color combinations 
for you. Harmonizing hues for every one of the more 
than a hundred colors shown in the Color Gallery 
are printed on the back of each individual color chip. 
You simply can't go wrong on color for your home when 
you follow these suggestions for warm tones, cool tones 
or accent colors to harmonize with the basic color you've 

These colors are available in top quality Dutch Boy 
finishes in flat, semi-gloss or gloss ... paints for every 
purpose inside your home, for every room. 

Many of these colors are available in exterior finishes as 
well. With the Color Gallery you can be assured that 
your color choice is in perfect taste, indoors or outdoors. 
Live colorfully with Dutch Boy . . . make your own per- 
sonal choice at the Dutch Boy Color Gallery now! 



If it's worth painting, it's worth using the best 
paint available and that's Dutch Boy paint! "Vou 
can always count on the superior quality of Dutch 
Boy products because they are carefully formu- 
lated of the highest quality materials. Dutch Boy 
means long-lasting beauty and full protection for 
any job really worth doing. 

■»s Flat Wall Enamel; Wonsover; 


semi-gloss enamels: Satin Finish; Satin 
Eggshell; Velvet Sheen White; Diamond White 

high gloss enamels: High Lustre; Interior ^ 
Gloss; Sparkling White; Diamond White; Quick- 
Drying; Porch and Floor. 

house paints: Bright White; Gloss White; 
One Coat White; House Paint in Color; Sash 
and Trim; Nalcrete; Exterior Primer; Shake 
and Siding. 

also: Varnishes; Oil Wood Stains; Varnish 
Stains; Wall Primers; Enamel Undercoats; Metal 
Paint; Aluminum Paint; Screen Enamel; Crystal - 
oid Clear Gloss; Crystaloid Clear Satin Finish; 
Crystaloid Floor and Wood Clear Sealer. 


General Offices: 111 Broadway, New York 6, N. Y. 


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The Association for Preservation Technology International 

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